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How many seconds in a year?

Seconds in a year calculation.

There is a path to identifying how much seconds makes up a year. The path starts with knowing how many seconds are in a minute. After which the number of seconds in an hour can be determined. Now, the number of seconds that makes up a day can be gotten. Finally, the number of seconds in a day can be used to know the number of seconds in a year. Since time tells a higher tale than itself, below are the mathematical manipulation of how many seconds there are in a year.

A Gregorian calendar year has 365.2425 days. Therefore, the count can start with the number of seconds in a minute. The answer is 60 seconds. Since 60 seconds make a minute, (60*60) 3600 seconds makes an hour. A day is made up of 24 hours. Hence, (24*3600) 86400 seconds are there in a day. For one Gregorian calendar year, there are (86400*365.2425) 31556952 seconds.

The gregorian calendar year is not the only accepted day count for a calendar year. There are other widely accepted counts such as the Julian astronomical year, which has 365.25 days. That is, a Julian astronomical year has (86400*365.25) 31557600 seconds. Another widely accepted day count for a calendar year is the common calendar year. One calendar common year has 365 days. Hence, there are (86400*365) 31536000 seconds in a common year. Finally, there is a calendar leap year which has 366 days. Therefore, it is a common year plus one day, with (31536000+86400) 31622400 seconds. The same answer is gotten when a multiplication process is used, such as (86400*366) 31622400 seconds.

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