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How many minutes in a day?

Minutes in a day calculation

A minute is a whole lot of time to get many things done. With Usain Bolt being able to run 637 meters at his top speed in just a minute, perhaps the same might be said of another person’s working efficiency. For example, in every minute, 250 babies are born into this world and 113 of them are born into poverty. In the same minute, 2,709 smartphones are sold. These and many other such events can be summarized in every minute which makes up every day.

Knowing the minutes that there are in a day also means knowing the hours in a day and how many minutes make up an hour. It is a known fact that 24 hours make a day and 60 minutes make an hour. Therefore, there are (24*60) 1440 minutes in a day.

Finally, better is three hours too soon than a minute too late. Hence, all the 1440 minutes count for a successful episode of the day.